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today9th August 2019


We are following the debate regarding Club XXL in London due to close down next 21st of September. On the 9th of august we have made contact with the Mayor of London for an Interview and we have received an official statement (you can read it here)

In the Statement, the City Hall declare that “In May 2017 the club contacted the Mayor about their concerns for the future of XXL. The next day the Night Czar met with the club nights owners and has been working with them for two years to secure the venues future” and also that “the Night Czar Amy Lamé has worked with the club for two years to try to save it from closure, raising the issue with the local council, exploring options for new premises and offering support through the Mayors London Growth Hub.”

The Club XXL issued a response to the statement:

“That’s a lie – she (referring to The Night Czar, Amy Lamé) said in the first meeting she couldn’t do anything – that was after the mayor and all the deputy mayors sent us rejection letters saying it wasn’t their jurisdiction. When we met again to propose the XXL Beacon project, she said they wouldn’t get involved because no one on the scene can get on. I said we would privately fund it and she said “then maybe”. After that she never helped us with anything . In fact at the second emergency meeting she asked us in front of Councillor Situ if we thought we had the backing of the whole gay scene – we said for Beacon yes – she said I don’t think so and then quoted Mark’s (Mark Ames, owner of the Club) comments which he had later apologized for regarding banning heals from the club. That’s the truth”

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