#DragConUK Day 1…outside. Anger in the queues (and how to request a refund) – The DragCon’s Statement

today18th January 2020


The first day of #DragConUK will also be remember for a very large (and angry) queue.

The venue, (Olympia London) went very busy in the late morning, with the aisles clogged, leaving a long queue of fans outside. The fans took twitter to express their disappointment.

Twitter users have reported around 3000 fans queueing outside, all with their tickets already bought, getting impatient. Around lunchtime, a video appeared with someone indicating how to get refunds.

The fans have been told they can

  • wait in the queue, bearing in mind that the venue was using a “one in/one out” policy, with the risk of not entering the venue
  • go back to the Olympia tomorrow with their non-scanned tickets, which will be valid for tomorrow as well
  • e-mail and request a refund

The instructions have been given to the crowd in the queue as this video shows

DragCon has been contacted for further clarification.

+++Updated at 20:31 on 18/01/2020+++

Here’s the official statement:

Health and Safety officers had advised us to temporarily halt the queue entrances today for an hour due to clogging of the aisles and from there on out – we got everyone in as fast as possible under H&S’s watch. We have met with the venue, security and H&S for tomorrow’s event and are confident that the same issues won’t arise. Thank you and we appreciate you. If your ticket wasnt scanned and you would like to return you are welcome to use your ticket to come tomorrow. If you cant make tomorrow, refunds will be honoured – please email for further assistance.

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  1. hannah Allan on 18th January 2020

    How are you going to refund people’s travel fares, hotels, planes and taxis as you Ru Paul’s dragcon are liable for that cost. Oversold was the problem not clogging- trying to get another 150k at cost to public- kids all crying- Xmas presents ruined – lining the pockets of greedy greedy horrible scammers.