Bimbo Bingo: A Virtual Drag Bingo Experience

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Quarantine just got that much more interactive. Physical distancing aside, I’m ready to play with your balls like only I know how. So grab your laptop/tablet/phone or print out the provided bingo cards & grab a highlighter because it’s time for drag B-I-N-G-O.

$10 gets you 8 rounds of Bingo & 16 bingo cards. (additional bingo cards can be purchased) with pop-up drag performances from some of your favorite performers (including BibleGirl, Miss Toto, Vicky Vox, Leilani Lopez & birthday boy Jake Dupree) and amazing prizes for each round.Join the party with our zoom link and learn our drag bingo callbacks for a more interactive experience or sit behind your keyboard and participate in our chat instead!

Hosted by Diana Dzhaktov

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