Miss Trans Global Pageant 2020

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Miss Trans Global is an international virtual pageant for trans women from all backgrounds, started to raise awareness on the plight of transgender and LGB issues.

We hope to use this opportunity to raise awareness for transgender women suffering worldwide who are struggling to survive at these difficult times of Covid-19 due to family rejections, homelessness, lack of jobs and earning opportunities.

The pageant started on the July 1, 2020, where the girls were put through various tasks and given awards, the organisation launched the For Trans Women By Trans Women Campaign to raise funds from the general public for vulnerable transgender women finding life difficult to survive in this pandemic.

The grand coronation night event which would be broadcasted live on our FACEBOOK PAGE and YOUTUBE PAGE on the August 1, 2020, will produce the first ever winner of Miss Trans Global, who will then become our spokesperson and work digitally to influence positive changes in our community internationally. They will work closely with international activist organisations such as TransValid, TransBeauty Magazine and many more to raise money, educate and inspire transgender people globally.

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