“Lets go back to the early 2000s. I was a student at EDC college in mid Devon. An advertisement appeared on the notice board the common room to get fresh radio talent on our college radio station. All of my mates said Caz you have to do this!. ….maybe they were sick of me yapping their ears off and thats why I was pushed in front of the mic. I remember the first audition, I was very nervous and thought Chris was a little pretentious and moody, but he made me laugh. We began working together and he showed me how to use the mixing desk. We had a break for a few years but kept in touch. When we talked about picking up where we left off I was unsure if a reunion would result in the same chemistry. It didnt take long for Chris to wind me up and make me laugh in the same sentence. I’ve really enjoyed doing the podcast and the radio show. I am excited about what the future holds. We love our Glitterbeam audience and are working to make it the best show we can!”

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