Hi, Im Andrew, and also go by the name of Flewey, Im 37, I live in Brighton and Hove and I am thrilled to be presenting my show on Glitterbeam Radio, every Tuesday evening 7-9pm. I love music, chatting, entertaining and having fun so I think the combination of these things aligns nicely to my passion for broadcasting and presenting my own radio show!

I am a massive Melanie C fan, she is my favourite artist and of course being a 90s queer kid, the Spice Girls were my band! Pop music is my go-to genre but I also like anything with a good beat you can dance to as well as a soppy ballad that you need to sing in front of the mirror into a hairbrush.

As well as presenting my show on Glitterbeam, I also have a podcast which will be released on all major streaming services from 02nd July 2022. The podcast is called Queer I Am, and essentially ‘Queer I Am’, is about being loud, proud, visible and living and celebrating who we are as Queer people. We all have unique stories to tell, and the podcast will inform, educate, and above all else celebrate each one of us, regardless of where we may be on our journeys.

For Season 1, I am celebrating queer artists and ally’s in Brighton and Hove (UK) and I cannot wait people to hear the conversations, I am so proud of this work.

You can check out my socials for further info: https://linktr.ee/fleweyactually

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