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About and OUT! is a weekly look at what is going on in the world of travel; both at home and away. Join our cruise expert and travel vlogger Richie Litchfield as we look at useful tips for the traveller, destinations and activities for the LGBT+ tourist and useful relevant advice surrounding events and anything travel related.


Thanks for stopping by! Im delighted to be presenting About & Out! on the most glamorous radio station on the UK airwaves.

About & Out is a weekly LGBT+ travel show which aims to share useful travel advice for the listener who loves to travel. From LGBT+ holidays, cruises, destination advice, where to avoid and huge amount of practical advice all mixed up with some amazing tunes.

I love working on this show and finding out about new places to travel to. Travel is a passion and in my spare time (when I am not travelling) I am working on my YouTube channel which is all focussed on quirky travel.

Check out About & Out! every Tuesday @ 7pm on Glitterbeam. You can message me via the Glitterbeam socials.

Richie X





‘All things Benidorm’. To download Richie’s Benidorm TV Location map please click here

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