Pop Gays of a Certain Age


The Pop Gays of a Certain Age or PGOACA for short, started during the first Covid 19 Lockdown. Leigh knew everyone separately, and brought the group together by Zoom every few weeks, to chat about our favourite kinds of pop music.
We jokingly said ”We should do a podcast of this!”

The idea being that there MUST be other Pop Gays & Non Pop Gays of a Certain Age who would listen.A name was chosen, social media pages were set up and Rhys & Graham learnt how to edit.

Two years later, we have over 30 episodes available, talking about everything from our favourite boy bands & girl groups, pop songs that should have been bigger hits to the songs we want playing at our funerals!

We have also been really fortunate to interview some amazing musical artists, including Betty Boo, Darren Hayes, Ultra Nate, Tom Aspaul, Tia Kofi and Louise Redknapp.If you want to listen to any of our podcast episodes, just search for Pop Gays Of A Certain Age on your podcast provider of choice.

On social media, you can find us on X @PopGays, Facebook @PopGaysOfACertainAge, and on Instagram/Threads @pgoaca2023 where we have our daily features of Breakfast Bangers Teatime Treats as well as links to our weekly play lists.As a group of out and proud Gay men, we are very excited to bring our brand of pop chat to GlitterBeam Radio

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