Since a young age Sophie has wanted to be a part of the media, taking an interest in acting and presenting. Her love of movies and TV only made this dream more passionate as she began the first few steps towards making that dream a reality. After graduating from a Foundation course at The Oxford School of Drama, she’s working full time in retail and learning more and more about the public that is represented in the media she strives to be a part of! At the beginning of the year (2020) she went through a massive, what can only be described as a, spiritual awakening. The support of spirituality and wicca has been a life-line for her during 2020 and she has a passion for wanting to share this joy with many others. Creating ‘Reading the Stars with Sophie’ was a perfect way of fulfilling her dream of presenting and acting, whilst helping those fulfill their spiritual goals. After coming out as queer in 2017, reviewing LGBTQ+ media and art quickly became something that Sophie was spirited about and she wants to share these views with the world. Catch ‘Reading the stars with Sophie Bishop’ every Sunday at 12pm to hear the latest LGBTQ+ media and your weekly horoscopes.

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