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Divina De Campo

The National Diversity Awards Announce 2020 Shortlist

Written by on 22 July 2020

A record breaking 64,000 people nominated this year alone and the results are finally in for the National Diversity Awards (NDA), with an astonishing 126 nominees being recognised for their various achievements nationwide. Community organisations and role models from across the UK will head to the breathtaking Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on 26th February to witness […]

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The Vivienne vs Divina De Campo

Written by on 12 February 2020

THE SHADE OF IT ALL, if you want. There’s some tension in the cast of “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK”… This last one started for an interview with Divina De Campo on QX Magazine. In the interview, Divina declared that she was not surprised she didn’t win: I dont think I fit the model that RuPaul […]

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