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today28th December 2023


The hype in Italy is already high for the 2024 Sanremo Music Festival, the biggest contest of the country (the oldest musical contest in the world that inspired the Eurovision Song Contest) that will determine who will represent Italy at the next Eurovision 2024.

Amadeus, host and director for the 5th and last time, has announced the artists who will take part in the contest. 30 in total, with 3 that have been decided between emergent artists at the end of december . Important to remember, the main rule in Sanremo is that the songs must be completely new and unheard until the contest!

As usual GlitterBeam will follow the Sanremo Music Festival bringing you all the news! Here are the artists:


A proper pop sensation since when she won the talent show “Amici” in 2009, a string of successful albums, big tours, but never until now she took part to the Sanremo Music Contest. The song is called “Fino a qui” and it’s a ballad about self awareness.




Rapper, singer songwriter and radio presenter, debuting into the contest. He had several successful song in Italy, and he collaborated with Rosa Lynn for the italian version of “Snap”. His song is called “Vai!” and it’s about youngster travelling through their life without a real target.



An emergent pop queen, with a family of music artists behind her. She won the singing category in talent show “Amici” . Only 3EP published so far, but with her singles she has already 2 Gold and 3 Platinum certifications. The song, “La Noia” it’s autobiographic and written by Madame.



On paper she’s the favourite to win. In 2011 she was runner-up of the talent show “Amici” and since then she already took part to Sanremo 5 times. But 2023 has been her year with a series of songs all topping the charts, along with her latest album. Could it be the right time for her to win? The song is called “Sinceramente”.


Rapper, all about inclusivity. Proud to be bisexual, she sings about discrimination, equality and homofobia. The title of the song is “La Rabbia non ti basta”




Second time in the contest for this rapper. In 2022 his song “Dove si balla” was a revelation and charted for months after the contest. The song is called “Onda Alta”




Winner of the 2020 Sanremo Festival, he couldn’t represent Italy to Eurovison as the contest was cancelled due to the Covid Pandemic. He was able to perform his song “Fai Rumore” in 2022 when the Eurovision was held in Italy, as a guest of the first semifinal. The song will be a ballad called “Ti Muovi”



Eurovision fans might remember her, as she won Sanremo and represented Italy to Eurovision 2014 with “La mia citta'”. Her latest album jumped straight to the number 1 in the country. The song is called “Apnea” and Emma said you will struggle to stay sat while listening!



Singer, songwriter, one of the most recognisable voices of the modern italian music. A classy artist, not new to Sanremo, where she have often received in the past the critic’s prize for her songs. No informations have been given about the song, which is called “Mariposa”



Both very famous artists in Italy, both not new to Sanremo, and both powerful voices. Recently they have started touring together and this lead to a song presented for the Contest. The song is called “Pazzo di te”



Rapper and singer, from 2016 has collected an impressive number of platinum certifications for his songs. This will be his first time in the contest. The song is called “Il Cielo non ci vuole”



Singer and songwriter (real name Flavio) he has produced so far 4 studio albums, 3 of which have entered the chart top 10. He will present a song called “Tutto Qui”




A representative of the trap music, from Napoli, he often sings in neapolitan dialect. This hasn’t stopped him to chart several time and have a very impressive string of collaborations with other artists in 5 years of career. The song is called “I p’ me, tu p’ te”



Rapper and record producer, from Milan, he originally started his career under the name “Fobia”. As of 2020 he sold more than 1.6 million copies. The Song is called “Casa Mia”



Rapper, Real name Guido, his career started in 2010, but a particular turning point turned when he reached the success of the One Shot Game contest in 2016. The Song is called “Fragili”



Famous all over the world, very much loved by Eurovision fans when they represented Italy with Grande Amore. The song is called “Capolavoro”




Singer and songwriter, winner of the 2017 edition of the talent show “Amici”, not new to Sanremo. Since his debut he sold more than 2 million copies of his albums. The song is “Un mondo molto soul”



A group with The, Plant e Fiks, which fuse metalcore, trap and emo punk, for something certainly unusual for the Sanremo Music Festival. The song is titled “Autodistruttivo”




Singer, actress, a long and intense career which make her one of the most loved artists of the country. Her energy never fail to light up the Ariston Theatre. She never managed to win so far. Could 2024 be the right year? The song is called “Pazza”.



Not new to Sanremo, not new to winning, not new to Eurovision (Remember “Soldi”?) Mahmood return to the Contest trying to go back to the Eurovision 2024. The song is “Tuta Gold”



Singer songwriter from Puglia, in the south east of Italy. His inspirations are U2, Oasis and Radiohead. This will be his first time in the Contest. The title of the song is “Spettacolare”



Not a surprise anymore! Yet, just in February 2023, Mr Rain scored a very good place in the Contest and now he’s going to try it again, maybe to win? He will present a ballad called “Due Altalene”



A very famous rock band. In 2005 they entered Sanremo at the beginning of their career, and by that year’s rule, they were eliminated on the first night. The song though became a massive success, and now they will go back into the contest. The song is said to be in the band’s style and called “Ricominciamo Tutto”



Originally 4, reduced to 3 after one member left, and now in 2 after the death of Franco. The group is active since the late 1960s and sold over 20 million copies of their albums. Recently a rendition of their song “Sara’ perche ti amo” went viral on TikTok. They promise a surprise with a song called “Ma Non Tutta La Vita”



Italian Singer-Songwriter, achieved popularity in 2016. Her career varied from hip hop, to pop, to rock. We are all curious to see what she’ll bring on stage in Sanremo. The song is called “Click Boom!”




Italian singer, rapper and songwriter, he won the “Singers” sections of the talent show “Amici” in 2020 and took part in Sanremo 2022 with “Farfalle”. He will present a nostalgic song called “Finiscimi”



Pop-Rock Band founded in 2009, they won the talent show “Amici” in 2015. Initially they were singing only in English. In summer 2023 their song “Italodisco” peaked at number 1 of the chart and charted in several european countries. The title of the song is “Un Ragazzo, Una Ragazza”



The winner of “Sanremo Giovani” in december is a singer songwriter. It’s the first woman to win the emergent contest in 14 years.
The song is called “Diamanti Grezzi”




Coming from the emergent artists contest “Sanremo Giovani” this duo are already known to the public as they won the italian “X Factor” in 2022. Their song is called “L’amore in bocca”




The last group coming from “Sanremo Giovani” have been seen already in Sanremo in 2023, in the evening dedicated to duet, when they took part to sing with the contestant Sethu. Their song is “Governo Punk”


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