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Lucas Gil

Brighton based musician and producer. Lucass first album was released in 2018 followed by his second in 2020. Hes also been producing God Save The Queens for rpdrukfans and GlitterBeam Radio before embarking on his own adventure with the brand new show Supernova, promoting new, independent and unsigned artists. Throughout the years he has been […]

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Dave Watkins

Dave has been making radio shows since 2010, involved in local community radio. That included an award winning Blues show among other things. He now produces The Country Mile from a small home studio [ box room! ]in Frome, Somerset. You can find out more about the show via:

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George Beck

George was born and raised in the Black Forrest, Germany but has lived in London for the last the last 29 years. He is basically a country pumpkin in the big city. Back in the 90s , he studied Performing Arts for 3 years which lead to work on the London fringe circuit directing theatre […]

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