LGBTQ+ community have a higher risk of being catfished than those that are straight, study reveals

today10th February 2023


A recent study by Currys has analysed the publics experience on dating apps. The data has showed that of all the participants in the study, those in the LGBTQ+ community were the most likely to find relationship success through using an app.

LGBTQ+ are more likely to fall victim to dating app bad behaviours

However, it isnt all fun and games online dating for those in the community. The study also revealed that those that identify as LGBTQ+ experience higher rates of bad behaviour from app users than those that are straight.

When asked if they had been Catfished (pretending to be someone else) before while using a dating app, 35% of those in LGBTQ+ said they had, whereas only 18% of heterosexual respondents could say the same.

The same can also be seen across the other bad behaviours. Posing (pretending that you are interested in a certain type of relationship when you are not) has been experienced by 24% of LGBTQ+ respondents compared to 22% of straight ones. Ghosting (ending all contact without explanation) was experienced by a third of LGBTQ+ and only a quarter of straight. And Cushioning (messaging other people casually in case your current committed relationship doesn’t work out – also known as `micro cheating`) had been experienced by 24% of those in the community compared to just 19% of those that identify as hetero.
The research also asked which of a selection of 15 popular dating apps those within the community had experienced the most success on. It may come as no surprise that Grindr, came in at number one on the list. This dating app is specifically for those within LGBTQ+, boasting being the world’s largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people. The app had a 13.77% success rate.

In second place is Tinder with a success rate of 11.59% and in third place is Plenty of Fish with a 10.14% success rate.
When asked if they had gone on to form a relationship with someone they met on a dating app, over a third (35%) of the LGBTQ+ respondents said they had, compared to just 29% of those that identify as straight.

When it came to marriage and long-term commitment from a dating app, those within LGBTQ+ were, again, more successful than heterosexuals. 13% of those that identified as LGBTQ+ said they has met someone on a dating app who they then went on to marry/commit to long term, whereas only 8% of straight study participants could say the same.

You can read the study at this link

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