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today7th July 2023


GlitterBeam is official media partner of Norwich Pride 2023!

This year marks an important milestone, as it will be the 15th Norwich Pride!

Heres everything you need to know. The 15th Norwich Pride will be on Saturday the 29th of July 2023.


We will be broadcasting from Chapelfield Gardens all day from 10:00am.
Our team will be in our GlitterBeam tent and around to do interviews, play games and giveaway freebies, so look out for them.
Our Unicorn, Glitter, will be back: make sure you snap a photo if you spot it and post it with #glitterbeam or tagging @glitterbeamuk

Our prize raffle will also be back with the possibility to win a DAB+ Radio!


Marsha P. Johnson Main Stage Chapelfield Gardens

Morning session hosted by Knuckle Sandwich

  • 10:05 The Haus of Brat
  • 10:35 Isla White
  • 10:45 Passion Productions
  • 11:00 Dandy Darling
  • 11:05 Now Thats What I Call DRAG!
  • 11:40 CeCe X

Afternoon session hosted by Alexa Darling, Will Power and Knuckle Sandwich

  • 14:05 Haus of Darling
  • 14:30 Poet Josi R performs Drawers
  • 14:50 Reno & Rome
  • 15:20 Now Thats What I Call Drag!
  • 16:00 Lincoln Skins
  • 16:30 Now Thats What I Call Drag!
  • 17:10 Just May
  • 17:35 Queer-E-Oke (Sadie MasoKisst, Will Power & Alexa Darling)

Gilbert Baker Pride Bus Theatre Street

  • 10:30 to 11:30 JESTATION: An Immersive Drag Cabaret
  • 14:15 to 15:30 Spoken Word Session One
    • 14:15 Izzy Jarvis
    • 14:50 Edalia Day
    • 15:15 Rowan Anderson
  • 15:35 to 16:40 Spoken Word Session Two
    • 15:35 Alex Curry
    • 16:00 Jenny Knight
    • 16:20 Josi R
  • 16:40 to 17:00 Dandy Darling and Company
  • 17:30 Pfizer Manelli presents Panto on The Bus

Alan Turing Community Stage Millennium Plain

Hosted by Miss Frou Frou

  • 14:30 Miss Frou Frou
  • 14:40 Broadway Bellas
  • 14:55 TWPA
  • 15:05 Sam Moanella
  • 15:15 Lily Bouquet
  • 15:25 Sodapop
  • 15:35 Angel Deville
  • 15:55 Destiny Collin
  • 16:00 Miss Frou Frou
  • 16:10 Ukulele Simon
  • 16:50 Miss Frou Frou

Harvey Milk Live Lounge The Gallery Inside The Forum

Acoustic Music Hosted by Kimberley Moore

  • 14:10 Caffine
  • 14:45 Sing with Pride
  • 15:20 Miss Lisa Jane
  • 16:00 Hammeta
  • 16:30 Max Dobson
  • 17:15 Kimberley Moore

The Natasha Curson Memorial Trans Talk The Gallery Inside The Forum

Hosted by Andrew Copeman

10:15 to 10:45 Fighting for Trans Safety, Rights and Liberation Then and Now A talk given by Edalia Day and Lisa McIntyre.

Question Time The Gallery Inside The Forum

Chaired by Lee Brown

11:00 to 12:00 Panellists discuss topical issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community.

Frida Kahlo 18+ Stage Chapelfield Gardens

DJ Session 11:00 to 6:00

  • 11:00 Honeypot
  • 12:00 Stripped Sets Takeover
  • 13:00 Empressure
  • 15:00 Boogle
  • 16:00 Bushbby
  • 17:00 Ngaio

Cabaret Session Hosted By Shar Cooterie 18:00 to 19:30

  • 18:05 Tori Mckew
  • 18:30 Don One
  • 18:55 Sir Hugh Mungus
  • 19:05 Shar Cooterie


Here is the route

Starting at City Hall

Down to Gaol Hill, passing The Guildhall

Onto Exchange Street

(Take a short cut here to London Street to avoid the cobbles on Bedford Street if preferred)

Along Bedford Street

Onto London Street

Along to Davey Place

Turn left onto Gentlemans Walk

Go past the Haymarket

Out onto Theatre Street

Into Chapelfield Garden

About The March

The March is the heart of Norwich Pride, its progress through the streets of Norwich is symbol of protest, visibility, and our strength in numbers.

Leading the March this year will once again be our huge Trans flag, proudly held aloft by local grassroot groups, and members of our community.

Following on, are people with accessibility needs in the dedicated section for disabled people wanting to join the march. Assistance dogs are welcome on the march. All other dogs must be kept on a short lead.

The next section is the Sponsors Section, all the businesses, organisations, and groups who have supported us this year, led by our main sponsor Aviva.

The last section is The Peoples March headed up by our giant Progress Flag. Anyone can join this section; everyone is welcome to march with us.

If you want to join the march but would like to be in a quieter part, the back of the Peoples March is usually calmest.

We start to gather for the march from around 12.30, ready to set off from 1pm. The front section, and the sponsors should gather in front of City Hall. Anyone wanting to join The Peoples March should gather on and around Millennium Plain. Please be prepared to be waiting to start marching for quite a while as the march slowly starts to move. Be patient, and if it is a sunny day, have sun protection.

There will be a designated accessible viewing space on the balcony of the Theatre Royal, it is open to any disabled people wanting to watch the March away from the crowds. Space here is limited, so we ask that people who are not disabled do not use this space.

There are points along the route where you can leave the March early for any reason, re-joining it again at a different point if you want to.

When the march arrives at Chapelfield Gardens we will head towards the Main Stage.

Theres a dedicated accessible space directly in front of the stage, called Deans Den. This is kept open for wheelchair users and people needing to have a clear view of the BSL signer. Please respect this space and make sure everyone who needs to use it can do. Thank you.

Art Exhibition

In celebration of Norwich Prides 15th anniversary, we want to honour how pride began a protest. When the Stonewall riots erupted in 1969, gay prides began popping up all over the US and Europe. Although now we think of pride as a celebration of the queer community, a time to come together and fly the flag for the LGBTQIA+ population, pride has and always should be revered as a protest.

As Norwich Pride, we strive to continue our work in protecting the rights and lives of LGBTQIA+ people no matter their background, and to this day fight for queer revolution.

For Norwich Prides annual exhibition, we chose the theme queer activism history with the title Revolting. We want artists to respond to this theme by looking to their queer history, community, and experiences relating to demonstrations, protests, and politics. This could be inspired by historic events such as Section 28, the AIDS crisis, and the marriage equality act. It can also look at recent events such as conversion therapy, the trans debate, and the increase in violent hate crimes.

As an exhibition highlighting marginalised experiences, we welcome submissions from all members of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially those with intersecting identities such as people of colour, disabled people, those identifying as transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming, and those with lived experience of the historic events mentioned. Were excited about the applications of artists using a range of materials including but not limited to painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, illustration, filmmaking, textiles, and performance art.

Were proud to announce our partnership with Queer Norfolk, a grassroots volunteer-led project based at Norfolk Heritage Centre which aims to hand ownership of queer collections back to communities and empower people to access, discover, and contribute to collections that reflect their shared histories.

This partnership will involve integrating historic objects such as protest signs, AIDS crisis memorabilia, and Section 28 ephemera.

These objects will be displayed amongst the artworks to bring context and remind us of the roots that came from the activist work of generations before us.

The exhibition will take place at The Assembly House in the Noverre room from Monday 24th Saturday 29th July, with some incredible workshops hosted throughout the week.


Read the guide online, just click on the image below

Written by: GlitterBeam

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