John Thurlow talk about Unstraight on GlitterBeam

today12th November 2022


David Sterling lives the suburban life. He has been married to Carrie for fourteen years and they have two daughters. To the onlooker, life behind the Sterlings picket fence looks perfect, and in many ways it issave for the fact that David carries a burdensome secretone that he has guarded well since he was a teenager.

Davids life is unravelling and he cannot carry the burden any longer. To make peace with himself and his world, it is time to tell the truth, a gamble that may lose him all that is precious. But he needs to be released from the shame, the guilt, and the fear.

In the pain and hurt of the aftermath, this deeply personal journey is driven by Davids desire to hold on to those he loves, while at the same time revealing who he really is to them and the world.

This is the story of Unstraight, book available on all the major platforms.
The author, John Thurlow, will talk about this book Sunday 13/11 from 10:00 with Lorie

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