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Coded Bias Review – Timely but Tiresome

Coded Bias represents both the best and the worst of streaming documentaries. On the one hand, Coded Bias has exceedingly important things to say about the way technology can be racist, sexist and classist, targeting the poorest communities and destroying lives. Conversely, it's an overstuffed and frustratingly long mess that spends only half of its 1 Hour 25 minute running time giving you new information. The rest is filler, the […]

today8th April 2021


Secret Magic Control Agency Review

It's exceedingly difficult to accurately review a movie like Netflix's new animated offering "Secret Magic Control Agency". On the one hand it doesn't have the lavish budget of a Pixar production, nor the years worth of complex, tried and tested experience of something like Studio Ghibli. It's a Russian made animation, translated into English with voice acting and screenwriting that leaves a lot to be desired, but for a Netflix […]

today7th April 2021


The Outtakes Weekly Movie Report! 6/4/21

It's that time of week again! Outtakes (my Tuesday show on Glitterbeam Radio) has been and, sadly, gone, and now it's the longest possible time before I can mic up and talk all about movies with you all! But, never fear, I am rounding up this exciting and frankly really brilliant week in the world of movies with the best, the worst and the most interesting movies of the past […]

today6th April 2021


Scoob! – Who is this movie even for?

The idea of a Scooby-Doo cinematic universe is almost undeniably genius. Scooby and the gang travelling around the world solving mysteries and unmasking villains in a gorgeously animated series of capers? Wonderful. But the only mystery with Scoob! is who is it actually for? Lets start with the good - for a 24 year old who is well versed in political knowledge alongside a range of complex pop-culture references and […]

today5th April 2021 2


The Dissident – Dissi-don’t miss this incredible and shocking documentary

Dir: Bryan Fogel, Running Time: 1 Hour 59 Minutes, Availability: Amazon Prime Video The stupor a documentary like The Dissident leaves you in is the exact opposite to that of Seaspiracy. Whereas Seaspiracy seems strangely false and manufactured, the clear, stark reality and mountains of evidence backing up the claims that Mohammad bin Salman orchestrated the murder of journalist Jamil Khashoggi make for a compelling and gut wrenching drama in […]

today4th April 2021 1


Run (2020) Don’t run from this incredible new thriller

Run (2020) Dir: Aneesh Chaganty, Running time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes, Availability: Netflix, Hulu (US) If you managed to catch director Aneesh Chaganty's powerhouse Searching in 2018, you'll know how much of a command he has over intense psychological thrillers. Intense is definitely the term I'd use for Run, a film that straddles the line between Stephen King and newer directors such as Fede Alvarez to create one of the […]

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Made In Italy – James D’Arcy’s directorial debut is all filler, not enough villains

Made in Italy (2021) Dir: James D'Arcy, Running Time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes, Availability: Amazon Prime Video As far as cyrupy, sugary, family themed cry a lot and hug dramas go, Made in Italy is pretty much paint by numbers. The film follows Jack and his estranged father Robert, played by Micheal Richardson and his real life father Liam Neeson, as they rediscover their familial bond whilst trying to rebuild […]

today2nd April 2021 2


Seaspiracy – Netflix’s new stomach churning documentary rocks the boat

Seaspiracy (2021) Dir: Ali Tabrizi, Running Time: 1 Hour 29 Minutes, Availability: Netflix Theres an inherent irony in the way Seaspiracy is put together. On the one hand, its an incredibly informative, harrowing and shocking documentary that, with the short amount of time its been available on Netflix, has immediately found its audience. On the other hand, it feels just as plastic as the rubbish in the ocean it talks […]

today1st April 2021 1


A Week Away Review – Netflix’s new Christian musical hits all the wrong notes

A Week Away is Netflix's first foray into the burgeoning world of Christian cinema. Whilst its an oft mocked genre due to plot contrivances and low production values, it's undeniable there's money in Christian movies and I can't blame Netflix for taking advantage of the growing demand. I can, however, blame them for creating this bland, unoriginal and simply dull musical. A Week Away follows Will, a foster kid who, […]

today30th March 2021 1